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SBI is a software solution focused on a complex management of security, operational and technological systems of intelligent buildings. It represents a state-of-the-art software solution in the area of monitoring, management, control of IAS, FAS, metering and regulation, CCTV, and ACS, including a comfortable attendance evaluation. It allows effective control of processes connected to assessing and processing security risks, building operation, and optimization of workload for individual workers assigned to these processes.

The program uses cutting edge software technologies to create a user interface in the environment of a simple web browser. The basis of the environment is an MS SQL2008 (MS SQL Express) database, which holds all the databases, spreadsheets and code lists required for the program's operation. Complete service and maintenance of the program can be done from any PC with a web browser connected to the database server through a LAN, WAN network.













The system supports gathering data from monitored technology both through the RS 232 interface (local connection) and through a LAN/WAN network using the TCP/IP protocol. The program is consistently handled as a modular system with the user being able to choose which modules he wants to use, including a detailed management of connected locales and technologies.


A simple map display of the current situation in the object is used for visualization. A different application environment can be set for each operator, regardless of what PC the operator is using. The operator's application environment is automatically created on any workstation, including his rights within the SBI system. A comfortable system of logging all activities – both user and technological – is also included with the system.The program is available in several editions and is intended both for users with objects spread in a large area with individual objects equipped with a data network and for local use within individual buildings and smaller objects.



Basic properties:

Modularity - the system is designed as a complete solution made from several independent modules. The modules can operate independently, but they are interconnected and their combination provides additional functionality. This modularity gives the user the option of choosing only the functions which he needs and allows him to use his resources effectively in this way. The SBI system also supports scalability of its use, with the possibility of spreading the runtime of almost any part of SBI over several computers, which is a key feature for large installations.


Openness - SBI supports flexible gradual expansions with new areas of control and monitoring in areas of security and building operation in real time such as catering, parking, camera systems, environmental systems (air conditioning, UPS...) etc. The design of the environment allows for simple addition of new supported devices and new features allowing the user to maximally utilize collected data. Information systems connectors that allow SBI to collect data are handled in the same way.


Central management of identities – a single central database with personal information is desirable when handling multiple technologies. The SBI system offers this and all available identifiers (card, PIN, biometrics, certification) are tied to a user and added to a single database. The unified environment allows for controlling access without being forced to specify what device the access is defined for. The personnel management itself is handled universally, so that the management can be used not only within the security segment, but even in other processes – such as handling print jobs, visitations, computer network accounts etc. A part of the identification management is also an interface for automatic data gathering and personification – such as photo workplace operation, identifier printing, ID readers etc.


Unified device monitoring – one of the basic features of the, control systems is monitoring and managing connected technologies in real time. The SBI system features a modern, easy to maintain interface allowing this monitoring. Regardless of the type and producer of the device, it offers the user simple control from a fully graphical interface, processing work states, instructions for incident managing and other advanced options. The system can handle not only processing based on time of receiving, but also prioritizing and offers advanced integration of internal processes, such as getting a camera recording simply by clicking on an event of any type: an alarm or door opening, for example. A great advantage here is the client-server architecture where the development of modification of the monitoring interface can be done without interrupting its operation.


Simple and effective task management – The support and streamlining functions are mainly, but not exclusively intended for our corporate clients. Whether the task is crisis control support, workflow support on all levels, facility management support, mutual data synchronization with information system, or controlling key economies, SBI always offers a simple and effective solution. The need for paper records tied to a conventional management of these processes is limited to the greatest possible degree in this way.


Communication infrastructure independence (LAN, WAN, GPRS) – the system uses the customer's existing communication infrastructure and doesn't require any significant increase of operating costs. At the same time it is designed to utilize this infrastructure in the most safe and cost-effective way.

The integration of technologies from several different producers, which can be connected through a mutual overlay. CGC is a partner of many domestic and foreign producers and in cooperation with them offers a broad spectrum of supported devices, including more than 120 types of devices. These drivers are continually maintained giving the customers options both for older products and market novelties.


Simple maintenance and innovation of the whole system – thanks to the program's design it's required maintenance is minimal. Only the processing core (server) needs maintaining; there is no need to maintain and upgrade client stations. Distribution of new or modified functions to the client happens automatically. The possibility to control the core remotely is integrated into the system. The system is made to be highly safe; nevertheless, due to increased demands on critical applications such as SBI, it is possible to run it on cluster platforms or in an automatic data replication mode between the distributed parts of the application.

  1. – the application's profile can be tied to a language variant of the program. The language choice can be made without the need for shutting down the program. Supported languages are Serbian, Czech, Slovakian, German and English.


Amount of clients unlimited by license with zero cost client - Despite the fact that the SBI system was originally made for corporate use, its great advantage today is that - in smaller to medium installations - it is possible to use the zero cost per client benefit with no client limitations by license. Its advantages can therefore be appreciated not only by security workers and technological dispatch, but also by HR department, managers etc.


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